TIP #1


Consistency is key. Learning to organize, plan and think ahead is a great way to create an ever-growing presence on social media. The goal for social media should be to make it easy for potential clients to find you and get to know you and your work. With everything small businesses have to do, finding a way to schedule great content months in advanced in a short amount of time can save you an incredible amount of time. In the next few pages, I will highlight some ways I like to go about planning ahead and using photographs, as well as curated captions to schedule months in advance.


As photographers, we often have hundreds of unused photographed backed up in folders. The first step is to go through your past work, find your favorite photographs, and create a special "FAVORITE" folder of all your best work that showcases your favorite pieces. Anytime you shoot a new session, go through the gallery and pull a few favorites from it and add it to your favorite folder. This way this folder continues to grow over time.


Next, you'll create a second folder. I like to call it "Instagram Grid". This folder serves visually as it lets me see what images will look like side by side. You'll go into your favorite folder, and drag over the first images and start creating rows of three images. This is what it will look like on Instagram, and also look pretty on facebook. You can easily move things around and see your grid layout long term. I like to work on a monthly basis so I will create 5 rows of three (15 pictures total) which allows me to posts consistently every two days for the whole month. You can easily continue this process. It's a good idea to also review what you are posting, I like to mix things up and not post three maternity photos in a row, instead, I'll switch between images. These captions come with three posts for each type so you could easily continue going in the order of; Couple, Maternity, Newborn, Motherhood, Child...Couple, Maternity, Newborn, Motherhood, Child...Couple, Maternity, Newborn, Motherhood, Child... Depending on what sort of sessions you do post, you can customize this to your needs. This is one of my favorite parts of planning things as I get to see everything come together. Next I'll dive into the actual scheduling!


As far as scheduling goes, I've used many companies and love using to schedule things in advanced as they allow me to write ONE posts and schedule it to; Facebook Fan Page, Instagram Page & Pinterest Saving me tons of time! Auto-posting for both Facebook and Instagram is available and they recently rolled out with a new feature that allows you to schedule posts for Instagram Stories, which I am excited about. Once I have my images ready, I drag my first image onto my Later calendar, choose my pre-written caption, and schedule it for all my social media accounts. And then repeat the process for the 15 monthly images. Since my images are organized and styled, and I have my pre-written captions it only takes me 20-30 minutes to schedule all my posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Using this process has helped me stay consistent, plan ahead, save time and showcase beautiful photography with captivating captions. I hope this helps you with your social media management! has a FREE plan, if you need to plan more in advance you can upgrade to one of the paid plans.

TIP #2


We made sure that you can use these captions exactly as they come, but don't let that stop you from adding to it, customizing or adding your own touch to it. If you'd like to add a little more you are welcome to do so!

TIP #3


The key to a growing social media page is keeping things consistent. If you're like most of us, you have gone through waves of posting regularly, and then posting nothing at all for a little while only to come back to feel a lack of connection and conversation. Keeping things consistent long term is a great way to stay relevant within newsfeeds. We plan to publish a new volume on a monthly basis, making it easy for you to come back, get more captions, making it easier than ever to schedule your posts in advance.

See you next month!

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